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I am a small business consultant with 17 years practical experience in leadership within Fortune 100 companies in the fields of marketing, PR, profit and loss, change management, internal consulting, process enhancements and risk. I have a BA in Psychology and MBA. I will  complete a Master’s in Organizational Development and Leadership on April 25th 2019. My background has given me a perspective that is uniquely mine. I am fortunate enough to have a small business consulting firm to share my experiences with small businesses who can benefit most. Visit to find out more information. 


I'm also a dog lover, Italian Greyhound aficionado and bird watcher.

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A Tale of Two Product Managers

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

My husband and I each own a P&L; his is a small health practice and mine is an insurance book of business for a large corporate enterprise. The only real difference is the number of zeros and commas. Nonetheless, the stakes are high for both of us, as they are for all product managers.

Last night he was studying his P&L. Things usually come to a head around tax season, and allow

Product management, profit and loss, accountability Venn diagram that demonstrates how business, technology and user experience UX overlap is where product management comes together.
Photo credit Martin Erickson 2011

some time for reflection. (Wait - we're paying what?!) I digress...

It makes for a better marriage when I don’t offer unsolicited “advice” for how he should run his business, and vice versa. I did make an exception that time he redecorated the office and I got a glimpse of red carpet paired with yellow paint. (We immediately called in the professionals before that Monday morning.)

Both geeky, in our own way, we do our continuing education on Saturdays over coffee. We read the latest articles and innovations in our respective fields. We review websites, social media, do our competitive intelligence. I read about weather events in my territories, while he reviews local pollen levels. Last week, deviating from the normal 'How's work?' conversation, I told him he could look at his business mix, loss ratios, plan and forecast for 2018, and other activities that I do. He looked at me and said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” We shared a laugh.

True, as he has no boss, per se. But he gets the calls in the middle of the night when the alarm trips or when the air conditioner stops working Anyway, the takeaway is that our work has far more parallels than I knew. In his case, he’s also the product, but we’re both Product Managers in the end.

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