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I am a small business consultant with 17 years practical experience in leadership within Fortune 100 companies in the fields of marketing, PR, profit and loss, change management, internal consulting, process enhancements and risk. I have a BA in Psychology and MBA. I will  complete a Master’s in Organizational Development and Leadership on April 25th 2019. My background has given me a perspective that is uniquely mine. I am fortunate enough to have a small business consulting firm to share my experiences with small businesses who can benefit most. Visit Strategy-Rocket.com to find out more information. 


I'm also a dog lover, Italian Greyhound aficionado and bird watcher.

New Directions for Conversations About Millennials, Agile and Listicles in 2018

These are my hopes for conversations in 2018 around generational shifts in the workplace, Agile methods and self improvement in the coming year. Where would you like to see our conversations go? Enough about Millennials: Much literature has been dedicated to studying the creature known as the Millennial, as though they’ve just come on the scene. According to Rainmaker, 1st wave Millennials already represent 27% of the workforce. On the other hand, Boomer participation will dr


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We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that. This site is a channel to engage in things that inspire me in this ever-changing world of business and the dynamic nature of organizations.